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Satellite Co., Ltd.

Establishment: December, 1991
Capital: 5 million yen
Main Correspondent Bank: Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation
President: Michinari Tsutsumi >> more
Head office: 2F Kinoshita bldg., 14-15 Tsuchicho, Ashiya 650-0075, Japan
Phone:81-797-24-9015 / Fax:81-797-24-9012

Potential Customers:
*Hyogo Prefectural Social Welfare Corporation
*Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, ltd.
*Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation.
*Asahi Shimbun News, ltd.
*UFJ Institute Ltd.
*Toyobo co.,ltd.
*The New Industry Research Organization.
*Recreation & Tourism Bureau City of Osaka
*Asahi Family News Ltd.
*Crystanagahori. co.,ltd.
*Sliversangyo News Ltd.

Public support
*iMedio(Incubator for Multimedia Industry Osaka)
*Association for Technical Aids, Inc.(Designated corporation of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
*"Safety Check Training System" was selected from 117 applications, as one of 15 to receive governmental support.

Business line
*Learning tools

Dec. 1991: Established as robotics engineering company at 4-3-9 Susanodori, Hyougoku, Kobe.
Jan 1995: We had a big earthquake. Satellite business stoped in while.
April 1997: Restarted as DME (Durable Medical Equipment) related company. The headquater move to Osaka city in real. The company registration is still in Kobe.
April 2002: Got support for development of safety check trainning system by Technoaid association that is one of the extra-depatmental body of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan.
Oct. 2002: Start to research of DME trade.
Dec. 2004: Start to make sales of the safety check trainning system. Start to selling "Learning tools".
Jan. 2005: The headquater move to Tenma Osaka in real. The company registration is in Kobe.
Oct 2005: Join the Medtrade USA.
Dec. 2005: Establish Hi5 GLOBAL LLC as DME trade management company in USA. Satellite Co.,Ltd is 50% owner and the other 50% owner is Michael Morris who is best partner of Satellite.
June 2008: The headquater moved to Ashiya city in real and in registration to Japanese government.